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Ana Paz Martínez García, B.A.
born in Granada, Spain


University degree in Psychology (GRADO en Psicología) of the University of Jaén, Spain)(specialised in Child and Adolescent Psychology)

Knowledge of the German language:
Goethe-Zertifikat B1

Knowledge of the English language:
Trinity College London ISE I (B1)


Course of
Development of Intercultural Competence 
- Specialising in the German Language and Culture

(First Level: Fundamentals - appropriate for children between 7 and 9)
(developed under special - not exclusive, though - consideration of children with high intellectual capacities)

(DEVELOPED BY Ana Paz Martínez García and Prof. Dr. Andrés Quero Sánchez
TEACHERS: Ana Paz Martínez, Prof. Dr. Andrés Quero Sánchez, Marianne Scheer y Chandru Balanchandran)

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